Use your skills as a volunteer

Volunteering opportunities are flexible and are designed to fit around the time you have available to volunteer. Without volunteers Scouting would not exist. There are many opportunities available within the 5th Littlehampton Sea Scouts and we expect all parents to volunteer. Please contact us to find out where you can help.

Examples of Volunteer Roles:

  • Working directly with young people as Leaders, Assistant Leaders, Section Assistants and parent helpers
  • Supporting other adults as volunteer manager (i.e. Group Scout Leaders, and Commissioners)
  • Looking after the administrative side of Scouting as Chairs, Secretaries, Administrators and Treasurers etc
  • Supporting scouting as members of Scout Active Support Units, Skills Instructors, Activity Advisers, Trainers etc
  • Looking after this website, or other Social Media Platforms

All our leaders and members of the Group Executive Committee are volunteers. We all give up our time freely and the more help we have the more we can do for the Young People in the Group. Lack of volunteers to support the group is our biggest limitation. Volunteering needn’t mean a major commitment: sharing your skills for just an evening or afternoon is of enormous value to the children. Joining the Executive Committee to help run the Group by attending a few evening meetings a year is another way you can help.

You may want to consider becoming a Leader, Assistant Leader, Section Assistant or Occasional Helper. This is the most rewarding way to get involved. In addition to the extensive training you receive, you’ll be opening yourself up to a wide range of new experiences and adventures that are nothing like normal life. You’ll discover new skills and make new friends while all the time getting a real sense of achievement from helping young people grow, expand their horizons and learn Skills for Life. It’s rewarding work on so many levels. The most common reason for not becoming a volunteer is fear of the time commitment. We welcome flexible volunteering and if you cannot help on a weekly basis perhaps an administrative roll while on the train to work would suit. For Leaders two hours a week is the typical commitment, for some, that’s all they can give and it is greatly appreciated.

Scouting is extremely popular due to well publicized benefits to Young People and at times we have enough children on a waiting list to fill an entire new Colony of Beavers. We have two Beaver Colonies and a Cub Pack with a great committed team of leaders. We are always looking for more volunteers to help keep the meetings running every week. In the past we have had to cancel meetings due to lack of adult help and we hope not to have to return to that situation. Your continued help is greatly appreciated and allows us to offer more and more to the young people. Please consider volunteering.

To find out how you could get involved speak to any member of the leadership team at a meeting or contact the Group Scout Leader.

Please note Beaver meetings need parent helpers to run every week, and Cubs & Scouts  occasionally. There is a rota for Beavers so please do your bit and let us know if you can’t help so we can plan accordingly.